Friday 5 April 2013

Sink The BBC

I've just come off air with Annie Mac.  I love live radio.  The buzz of the red light, the liveness, the connection to the listeners, it is a dream job.  I feel euphoric after a live show...

I have a deep connection to the BBC, I am obsessed with its incredible output, made by its incredible people; the radio is the best in the world.  I have been lucky enough to produce BBC radio over 8 years!  WTF!  I can't even believe that is real.  Every time I walk into a BBC building I look around, thinking 'I'm still getting away with it', fooling them into thinking I am worthy of making radio in this grand building.  In and out of contracts, freelance, casual, staff, I've done it all. I'm a BBC slut, I play the field, I've worked everywhere, on almost all the networks but the one thing I can't do is say a full goodbye.

For me leaving the BBC is like breaking up with a first love, SO FREAKING DIFFICULT!  It is comfortable, reliable, and sturdy, but can also be destructive, abusive and, when you're truly honest with each other you can see the spark between you has gone out.  It's a turbulent time upon these shores; redundancies, press hate, fights for jobs.  :(  The truth is, I've done everything I ever wanted to do.  Produced my radio idols, presented festival reports, been the voice of social media for the Hackney Weekend, enjoyed a decade of festivals, live broadcasts, one big weekends, snogged my fair share of pop stars and, most importantly, had the honour of working with the best in the business.

It's not a total goodbye, I don't think I'm ready for that yet.  But it's time for me to let the freelance shifts go to the hungry new kids that want/need it more than me and for me to focus on my baby, Sink The Pink.  Who knew that the thing I started for fun with my best friend could possibly become our full time world.  I am ecstatically happy and proud of STP and what we have achieved.  

The brand of a club night doesn't often leave its immediate circle, fading as its key members leave or go their separate ways.  Especially as the world of club promoting can be so painfully unlucrative and disheartening.  I can honestly say Sink The Pink wouldn't exist if it wasn't me and Glyn, as a team, maintaining other-worldy optimism in the face of ridiculous hurdles.  Five years of hard work have brought us to where we are today.  And I attribute that to the community created around the club, its not just me and Glyn anymore, its the family, our Pinkers.  The wonders of the STP family, aka the misfits, freaks, creatives and underdogs, who have found their home in our space.  This makes me so happy I could burst!  The clubs energy, positivity and welcoming vibe brings people from outside our scene to want be a part of it too.  Sink The Pink is for everyone.  It is at its core, innocent, childlike fun, which at its base level is what we all want to return to after a working week.  I, after years of juggling full time work alongside the night time world, can vouch for this more than anyone.

This place to escape never resonates harder than when spending a long week with stressed people at desks in black jeans and hoodies, with the weight of an office on their shoulders.   When I arrive at the club to my family of freedom, self expression, colour, dancing and laugher and I gaze in wonder at the new levels of ridiculous outfits, I am filled with inspiration and drive.  I can't say I get that feeling anyday working for the man.

I am never prouder than when surrounded by my crew, and bringing our Sink The Pink energy to new audiences.  

So, for now its bye bye office work (and all the other joys of my BBC years) and hello festivals, leotards, colour and the exciting freedom of the unknown.  This isn't a total goodbye, I don't think I can ever do that fully.  But it's me on a drip, weening myself off the greatness that is walking into Broadcasting House every day, not being thrown out, but being a part of one of our countries finest assets.  Along side rolling hills, the NHS, Carry On, tea and Su Pollard, the BBC is reason enough to make me well up with British pride.

Its a happy predicament to choose between two dream jobs.  So for now I'm going to mince about in lycra for a few more years/as long as I can get away with it, until I come knocking at the doors of BH one day to bring a bit of camp colourfulness back into the building!  I must have the faith to flock the nest that helped form me, because I have built my own from the strength it gave me, and its much more colourful
and i'm the head bird!  Ahh exciting!!!!  Thank you BBC, I will love you forever xxx

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